Bridgerton is so popular it's causing skyrocketing sales in corsets

Bridgerton, Netflix's new success series, is having a noted effect on the price and availability of corsets, as avid watchers sweep them up.

One of the opening scenes of Netflix's new successful drama, Bridgerton, features a character laced into a corset. So it's no surprise that the series, based on Julia Quinn's romance novels, has sparked new interest in corsets and other Regency-inspired outfits. The series, created by Chris Van Dusen as part of the $150 million (approximately £110 million) deal with Netflix announced by producer Shonda Rhimes, was released at the end of December 2020. Netflix said in a press release in January that Bridgerton was the best series launch in the streaming service's history, with an audience of 82 million households in its first 28 days.

Viewers validated the show's 'Jane Austen-meets-Ariana Grande' vibe: contemporary cast, music and love scenes set against a backdrop of 1800s gilding. Ironically, Wendy LeSesne, marketing director of Orchard Corsets, told Insider that the Regency era was not the inspiration for the type of corsets viewers go for after watching the show.

This period was characterized by flowing waists, but for many modern consumers, purchasing a corset is an effort to achieve an hourglass figure. But since Bridgerton weaves a connection between past and present in its plot, subject, and music, a bit of revisionist fashion history is in order.

A sharp increase in the number of internet request

Orchard Corsets have seen an increase in sales since the series began airing. Traffic to the retailer's website increased 71% over the same period, said Wendy LeSesne, and she's noticed a higher number of new visitors, which is unusual for the retailer, which relies on its regulars.

Etsy reported that the site has seen a 91% increase in searches for corsets in the past three months, compared to the same period last year.

Premium corset supplier Corset Story saw a 20% increase in site traffic in January. But a representative said that revenues 'ended up being a bit below our original targets.' The representative said the reason for the increase in traffic but not income could be higher prices, or 'people are going on platforms.'

Indeed, Amazon's best search result for 'corset' indicates that several sizes and colours are sold out or out of stock. One reviewer wrote:

I love this corset so much! I was inspired by 'Bridgerton' (like so many others).

Tea sets are also very popular

Aside from the fact that Etsy has seen searches for corsets soar, it has seen a similar rise in searches for old-fashioned or Regency-inspired art de vivre, such as tea sets, which have increased by 110%. And the inconvenient, but very successful search on 'lace gloves' increased by 744%.

But as Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy's trends expert, commented:

We love the show... but that doesn't mean we're about to trade all of our sweatpants for ball gowns.

Rising interest in corsets, Dayna Isom Johnson suspects, is making people feel fashionable while 'not completely reverting to covering up from head to toe, but rather making themselves felt a bit more well-mannered and sophisticated.'

Orchard Corsets is looking to capitalize on the show's success by adding a few Bridgerton inspired items to its site later in the year. It will also create a page detailing the history of clothing from the era for interested buyers, for the sake of historical accuracy.

This isn't Netflix's first series to shake up the markets. The success of the series The Queen's Gambitsparked increased interest in chess sets, lessons and other products.

Dayna Isom Johnson believes that, with many consumers spending more time at home due to the pandemic:

It's no surprise that buyers are really taking inspiration from the TV shows they watch.
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