These popular teeth 'hacks' could cause you permanent damage

Teeth hacks for a whiter smile are taking the internet by storm, but could these DIY solutions actually be seriously harmful?

These teeth 'hacks' could cause you permanent damage!
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These teeth 'hacks' could cause you permanent damage!

All it takes is a quick online search to find numerous tips and tricks to get a brighter, whiter and more even smile. But many of these DIY hacks are far more dangerous than they first seem, and may leave you with permanent damage!

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So, if you want to know what not to do, see our top 3 big dental don'ts below!

Rubber band braces

'Gap bands' or rubber band braces see young people using rubber bands to re-align their teeth or remove teeth gaps. Although not wholly dissimilar to how elastic bands are used during orthodontic treatments, this DIY method is highly unadvisable as it places a high amount of pressure on your teeth, causing them to move far too quickly. The likely result? Issues with your gums, bones, teeth, and jaw, such as TMJ (teeth grinding) or even loss of teeth.

DIY whitening recipes

Do these teeth hacks do more harm than good? Getty Images

Another trend that places beauty over oral health is DIY teeth whitening. This trend sees people applying either hydrogen peroxide or a mixture of lemon and bicarbonate of soda to their teeth for extended periods of time to whiten them.

However, The Oral Health Foundation’s Dr Ben Atkins notes that

For somebody not trained in dentistry, applying hydrogen peroxide can cause chemical burns and has the potential to cause serious and permanent damage to the teeth and gums.

Similarly, the acid in lemon juice is incredibly detrimental to oral health as it dissolves the enamel covering the teeth, making them more vulnerable to decay.

Nail filing your teeth

Lastly, some people have taken to filing down their teeth with a nail file in the name of a more even smile. However, this 'hack' is far from safe, and instead may permanently damage your enamel, leading to increased teeth sensitivity, increased staining, and even a risk of nerve damage.

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