This Man Has Spent Over £35,000 Transforming Into An Elf

Luis Padron, who considers himself to be 'trans-species', has one ultimate goal in life - to become an elf!

If you've ever wanted to meet an elf in the flesh, look no further than 25-year-old Argentinian, Luis Padron. With his long, pointed ears, sheer skin and red eyes he looks like a real-life version of one of the characters from Lord of The Rings.

Luis explains how his obsession began when he was bullied as a child and was forced to seek solace in films such as Labyrinth or The Never-Ending Story. As a lover of dressing up, he started with cosplay, but this just wasn’t enough for him.

'I want to be an elf, an angel and a fantasy being. My aim is to look inhuman, ethereal, graceful and delicate. […] I consider myself trans-species in the same way transgender people feel. I need to become how I feel inside.'

And to do this, Luis Padron has subjected himself to 47,000 dollars (over £35,000) worth of operations, the first being when he was just 20 years old. He has undergone a wide range of operations such as skin whitening, laser hair removal, a nose job, liposuction, all kinds of injections and implants for a heart-shaped hairline. As you can imagine, all of this work requires a lot of rather expensive care and maintenance to keep it looking good. Luis pays up to £4,000 a month for lotions, care and SPF100 sun cream.

You can see the different stages of his transformation on his Instagram account including posts about his make-up, red contact lenses and his clothes. And all we can say is that it’s actually worked pretty well, so much so in fact, that you’d even think that you were meeting a real elf if you were standing in front of him.

But this still isn’t enough for Luis who has already got more operations planned such as having his ears redone (to make them pointy), accentuating his canines, making his eyes more cat-like, reducing the size of his Adam’s apple and even modifying his jaw. It seems that there is still a lot of pain to come for him!

If you liked this story about Luis Padron, you should know that he is part of a group of people who are addicted to plastic surgery and have formed the Plastics of Hollywood group. Their aim is to have their own reality TV show, which would show them in their daily lives. And the casting is very much underway with people already involved such as Frenchy Morgan who wants to be a live blow-up doll, failed doppelgangers and also Barbie and Ken superfans. Together they're plastic surgery's answer to the Avengers!

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