This man woke up to find his car allegedly smashed by a meteor (PHOTO)

In Strasbourg, a car was badly damaged. The fire department believes the damage may have been caused by a falling meteor.

meteor destroyed car
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meteor destroyed car

But what could have damaged this red car parked in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin)? Early in the morning of Monday November 20, an explosion was heard by several local residents. Subsequently, a car was discovered punctured, while smoke was emanating from the impact site. The cause of the damage could be extraterrestrial.

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Rescuers believe it could be 'a celestial body'

The incident occurred shortly before 7 a.m. in Strasbourg. Interviewed by BFM Alsace, aneighbortestifies:

This morning, just before 7 o'clock, we heard a big bang. I thought it was the garbage men who had dropped a dumpster or it was military.

Tens of minutes later, the fire department was on the scene. They found that the roof of the car had been punctured, and that the object causing the noise had 'penetrated the roof, the underbody and the fuel tank of the vehicle'.

Paramedics believe a 'celestial body' crashed into the car.

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Gravel found in the passenger compartment of the car

No radioactivity was detected and no meteorites were found on site. Which is not necessarily illogical, as Matthieu Colobert, fire department captain, told AFP:

No object was found. Either the object was so small that we can't find it, or the impact was such that the object disintegrated and turned to dust.

However, firefighters report that a gravel stone 'the size of a hazelnut' was discovered inside the vehicle. This could be what remains of the potential meteorite. The gravel will now be analyzed to determine whether it came from outer space.

As for the car? Its owner has made it known that its next destination will be... the scrapyard.

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