This is the best way to unclog a sink

Is your sink clogged and you don't have the time (nor the money) to call a plumber? Here are 3 effective tips on how to unblock it!

Tired of spending your time trying to unclog your sink or pipes? You have to admit, solving this problem is not always easy. To make it a bit simpler for you, we suggest you create your own mixture to unclog your sink.

#1- The white vinegar, baking soda and coarse salt trick

First, mix half a glass of baking soda and half a glass of coarse salt with three glasses of white vinegar. Then, pour it all down the drain. After a few hours, pour in one to three litres of boiling water. Done!

#2- The baking soda crystals and white vinegar trick

Boil 2 litres of water containing three tablespoons of baking soda crystals. Add a glass of vinegar and pour this mixture down the drain. After one hour, it should be unclogged. Like magic!

#3- The bicarbonate of soda trick

For this last trick, nothing could be easier: pour 2 tablespoons of soda bicarbonate (a derivative of baking soda) and then a litre of boiling water into your sink. Leave it for several hours, and you're done!

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