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This Is Everything You Should Not Do With Your Smartphone Charger!

Thought you knew all about your phone charger? We'll tell you everything you shouldn't do with it! You'll be in for a surprise!

Wait for the battery to run out

As surprising as it may seem, it is best to charge your phone when the battery is not yet completely dead. Why is that? This greatly reduces the life of your smartphone.

Using your phone while it is charging

If you use your phone while it is charging, it will tend to heat up and thus damage your phone over time. Ideally, you should let it charge without using it.

Charging the phone all the way up

If you can avoid charging your phone to 100%, it's better. Why is that? Up to 80% of the cells that make up the battery are in ‘good condition,’ except that of the last 20%, whereby the cells degrade more easily. This also explains why the last percentages of the battery take longer to charge.

Charging your phone with a computer

According to one study, recharging your phone via a computer could reduce the capacity of the original battery by 65%. In short, there is nothing better than an electrical outlet!

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Letting your battery charge all night

People often tend to leave their phones charging all night. Yet this is the worst thing you can do. Why is that? Once your device is fully charged, energy will be consumed unnecessarily. A tip? Plug your phone in for an hour and a half every night, and that's enough to last the night!

By James Guttridge
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