Her kitchen was invaded with sprouting potatoes

A woman found herself invaded by potato roots in her kitchen. No, no, you're not dreaming, this is a true story. Here's how it happened.

This is another very original story! Donna Porée, an internet user, shared something incredible on her Twitter account back in June 2020. The woman posted a series of photos of potatoes in her home. It's like something out of a sci-fi movie!

Invasive potatoes

Porée wrote in the caption of her publication:

After 3 months of absence, my potatoes have decided to grow without limits until they make holes in the joints.

Many Twitter users reacted to this strange publication, which was liked more than 185,000 times. It's safe to say that Donna Porée has created quite a buzz on the Web with her sprouting potatoes. Faced with all these reactions, Donna realised that she was not the only one in this case! The proof is in the pictures:

It can happen to anyone. Amazed, the Huffington Post newspaper interviewed the woman. Donna Porée explained:

Before I realised it was potato sprouts, I was startled by the silhouette of the long stalks against the wall. I was expecting a lot of things, but certainly not that scary push. It was only after I turned on the light and realised that they were just germs that I started to laugh at this unusual situation.

According to the same newspaper, the young student Donna replanted the potatoes to see if they would take.

I don't know if this will lead to anything, but I couldn't throw them away when they gave me such a surprise on social networks.

If we are to believe the reactions on social networks, the situation generated quite a few laughs. Indeed, it seems that nature has taken over, and rightly so!

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