After Adopting A Baby, This Couple Received Some Shocking News From The Hospital

Nick and Angie are a happy couple. After struggling to conceive, they decide to adopt. But then something happened that took them by total surprise.

The couple live in Idaho in Twin Falls. All their friends were happy parents, which pushed them to make the important decision of starting a family too. For several years they did not manage to conceive, and doctors told them they did not know where their infertility problem came from

A need to relax

The doctors advised Angie to take the time to relax. ‘It’s just hard to say "relax about it" when you’re reminded of it every month when you don’t end up being pregnant,’ she explained to CBS News. So the couple decided to adopt, to put an end to the long period of expectation. This decision was one of the most beneficial for them, as it made them happy and allowed them to relax. But this decision brought them much more than that

The miracle

The fact that Angie adopted allowed her to de-stress. She was finally able to get pregnant soon after adopting.

‘Infertility causes the same level of stress as cancer. If you can relieve the stress, then you can restore normal fertility – which is what happened with the couple,' psychologist Alice Domar told CBS. So it was definitely stress which was preventing Angie from becoming pregnant. The couple are now very happy to have seen an addition to their family with the arrival of two babies.

Woman receives a shocking note after breastfeeding her baby in public Woman receives a shocking note after breastfeeding her baby in public