A four-year-old child died of the flu after his mother refused to follow medical advice

We often hear awful stories that force us to be more aware of poor practices that can, at times put the lives of our youngsters at risk. Just like this family for example, who decided not to follow medical advice, but now seriously regret it.

The health of our children is sacred. We all know that we have to follow advice from paediatricians and other healthcare specialists to the letter so that they can grow up with minimal problems.

Children have to have the best medical advice so that they can grow up as safely and soundly as possible because, quite a lot of the time, the illnesses that we contract during our childhood can stick with us for the rest of our lives.

And now we have yet another terrible story involving achild who died at the young age of just four in Colorado in the United States. What happened?

At the time, this little boy hadn’t been diagnosed with theflu, but his two brothers had. The little boy started to develop symptoms such as a fever and the shakes, which is why the doctor recommended that the children’s mother buy a common anti-viral medicine to help his situation.

However, the woman decided not to go to the pharmacy and instead settled for home remedies. In fact, and according to the media source 20 minutes, she even posted on the wall of a Facebook group looking for advice.

Members of the group, an anti-vaccine group it should be noted, gave her some advice and also suggested that she didn’t follow the doctor’s recommendations. Unfortunately and as a result, the little boy consequently died and their household is now suffering as a result of this tragedy.

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