Missing German Arian: The search for the six-year-old resumes

The search for the missing Arian from Bremervörde in Lower Saxony, Germany, has still not been successful. However, a tip could now lead the investigators to a new lead.

Missing German boy Arian
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Missing German boy Arian

Little Arian from Bremervörde in Lower Saxony, Germany, has been missing since 22 April 2024. He is said to have left his parents' house alone and has not returned home since. The search for the six-year-old has been tireless ever since. The little boy is autistic and does not respond when his name is called, leading investigators to use the most unusual measures to find him.

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For instance, balloons and sweets were placed in and around the nearby forest to lure Arian home. According to his parents, he reacts very strongly to this. The local garbage collection service was also called out on Friday morning after his disappearance - but so far to no avail. When it comes to the question 'what could have happened to the boy,' the investigators believe two specific scenarios are possible.

Could Arian have been involved in a hunting accident?

Until now, it has mainly been assumed that Arian's disappearance was not an abduction. According to footage from a private surveillance camera, the boy left his parents' house on his own three weeks ago. However, a clue now suggests that something may have happened to Arian during his long absence.

According to the German publications BILD, Kurier and 20min, an informant claims to have found out 'via hearsay' that Arian was the victim of a hunting accident. According to this report, the boy was supposedly shot and is now in an 'unknown house' where he is being treated in order to keep the incident secret.

Search resumed

The police have not yet officially commented on this information. However, this week (week of 13 May 2024), the search that was suspended at the end of April is to be resumed. The nearby Oste River is going to be searched more intensively after a first look, and local residents are also going to be questioned in order to identify any whistleblowers who have not yet made any statements to the police.

The search for the autistic boy has kept the whole of Germany on their toes. Search dogs, drones, amphibious vehicles, an equestrian squadron, helicopters, boats and divers have all been used to search for Arian - without success. What also worries the police, as statements made by police spokesman Heiner van der Werp on Monday 13 May, is the fact that 'in the meantime, we can't understand why the boy hasn't been found anywhere.'

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