Man jailed for repeatedly raping 13 year old girl in his van

Gary Healey was jailed for 14 years for repeatedly raping the girl whom he had been grooming since she was 11 years old.

Gary Healey, 61 had been grooming the girl since she was 11
Gary Healey, 61 had been grooming the girl since she was 11

A man has been jailed after raping a 13-year-old girl over five times in the back of his van. The 61-year-old grandfather had groomed the girl from when she was barely 11 years old, by kissing her on the mouth.

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He advanced in his abuse as he molested her in the back of his van, telling her to take her underwear off or he ‘would do it for her’.

The Manchester Crown Court heard that Healey of Tyldesley went on to rape the girl five or six times over the course of a year.

When the victim refused his advances after some time, he was quoted to have said to her,

Well, you like it...You won’t even let me kiss you on the cheek...I love you to pieces, I’d never hurt you.

How he groomed her

Prosecuting, Charlotte Johnson said the offending began when he tried to kiss the girl, who cannot be named, when she was just 11.

The first time he asked her to get into the back of the van, she said no and he moved to her side and then kissed her, she moved away. She was frightened, he took her home and even went to speak to her aunt and uncle as if nothing had happened.

The prosecution went on to tell the court that as time went on, he progressed from just kissing her to holding her head while he did so.

When she turned 12, he told her to get into the back of his van, which she did ‘frighteningly’— and that was where the rape occurred on all several occasions, Johnson said.

At age 14 the rape stopped though he continued to try and sexually assault her, but she grew resistant.

The allegations came to light after the girl discussed the offences with her friends.

As part of the investigation, her younger sister spoke to the police and told officers that she recalled Healey ‘rubbing his penis’ when she was sat in between him and her sister.

He claimed the girls were lying in their evidence before a jury.

Healey’s bodily fluids were discovered by the police in the back of his van when he was arrested.

Distressing and abusive offences

Sentencing him, Judge Rachel Smith said:

During the trial, the court was played a recording of you and the true nature in which you spoke to her. You were domineering and coercive. You are dyslexic, but in my judgement, I am satisfied you know exactly what you were doing at all times and you knew the consequences of your actions. These were distressing and abusive offences against the girls.

Healey, of Fountain Close, will have to serve nine years and four months of his 14 year sentence before he will be released on licence.

He was also made subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for 15 years and must sign onto the Sex Offender’s Register indefinitely.

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