The WHO explains why gloves are ineffective at protecting against COVID-19

Do you think you are protecting yourself from coronavirus by wearing rubber gloves when you go outside? Think again! We'll explain why.

When you go out to do groceries these days, you always have the same supplies on hand: a mask, rubber gloves, and hand sanitiser are all needed to help protect yourself from coronavirus. It's good to be well-prepared of course, but did you know that wearing rubber gloves is far from being advisable?

Why is it better to avoid wearing gloves?

If you think you're safe when wearing gloves, think again! Wearing gloves could create an illusion of 'false security,' and even contribute to the spread of germs. According to the World Health Organisation, washing your hands regularly provides better protection against the coronavirus than wearing rubber gloves. The WHO explained:

The virus can be found on the gloves and there is a risk of contamination if you touch your face with the gloves.

Website added that 'as soon as you touch a contaminated surface with your gloves, there is no difference with the situation without gloves. All objects you touch afterwards can also be contaminated.'

So what should you do?

And that's not all: rubber gloves do not form a barrier against bacteria or viruses, which means that hands can be contaminated. In other words, if you wear gloves, respect the same sanitary measures as when you aren't wearing gloves. This means avoiding touching your face, throwing away the gloves after each use, and washing your hands thoroughly.

To sum it up, we advise you not to wear gloves and to wash your hands thoroughly with soap or hand sanitiser. Stay safe out there!

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