6-Year-Old Boy Left Disfigured After 'Lovable' Pet Attacks Him

Pit bulls don't exactly have the best reputation, often believed to be aggressive and not untrustworthy Unfortunately, some incidents are reported that give weight to this idea. For example, this 6-year-old was left scarred for life by the 'lovable' pet dog.

6-Year-Old Boy Left Disfigured After 'Lovable' Pet Attacks Him
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6-Year-Old Boy Left Disfigured After 'Lovable' Pet Attacks Him

6-year-old Camdon Bozell was attacked by their pet dog, Chaos, while his mother was at work. Tristin Bozell, mother-of-two, left Camdon in the care of the relative after being called into work last minute. The boy was staying with his grandmother when the 5-year-old pit bull attacked him. Despite the attack, Tristin says that she never noticed any aggressive behaviour from her pet in the past:

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I couldn’t believe that this dog did so much damage to my son. The dog had been around kids for its entire life and never shown any signs of aggression.

The child was rushed to the hospital. Camdon luckily survived the horrifying attack but was left with permanent scars on his face, which the paramedics who came to the scene say are the worst thing they had ever seen. The poor child had to undergo plastic surgery to reconstruct his face. His mom said:

When I got to the hospital, I feared the worst. They wouldn’t let me see Camdon at first and then a nurse came out and said ‘good news he’s breathing on his own’ and I freaked out – I thought why wouldn’t he be? If the dog had attacked him an inch or two below and got Camdon’s throat, my son would be dead. The dog was not even an inch from his eyes. I’m just happy his ears and eyes were okay. The first responders said it was the worse thing they had ever seen. And it was the worse day of my life. I spent a month crying for Camdon.

Camdon is reportedly doing better after his three-day stay in hospital. Becky Rose, Camdon's aunt, launched a GoFundMe page to help pay for medical bills, which have already reached over $40,000. While the police ordered the pit bull to be put down, Tristin came to the defence of the family dog:

I love pit bulls too and always have. Now when people are asking 'what breed' he was, and I just don't want to answer them. Because I know that once I say, 'it's a pit bull'…

Despite her love for the breed she did warn parents to always keep an eye on their pets, especially if they have children in the same house.

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