This shark attacked an 8-year-old boy to steal a fish (VIDEO)

In a video that has gone viral, a little boy can be seen about to get back on a boat, only to be suddenly attacked by a shark.

Shark attacks an 8 year old boy to steal a fish (VIDEO)
© Marcelo Cidrack / Unsplash
Shark attacks an 8 year old boy to steal a fish (VIDEO)

Since the release of Jaws, sharks have become our new phobia. Sharks are far from being the most dangerous animals in the sea, yet some people have developed a real fear of them. In reality, shark attacks are extremely rare, and an innocent cow is far more likely to end your life than a ferocious shark. But off the coast of Australia, a little boy was not so lucky, and was bitten during a fishing session...

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The boy was hanging onto the ladder

The scene took place off the coast of Australia, more precisely near Lady Musgrave Island, in the east of the country. According to the DailyMail, Manni, an eight-year-old boy, was participating in an underwater fishing session with at least one other person.

Obviously, the session was successful, as the little boy can be seen placing a freshly caught fish on the boat. At this point, Manni is still submerged and is about to get on the boat. But everything did not go exactly as planned…

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'I felt a little bite'

All of a sudden, a small shark come out of nowhere and attacked Manni. Manni said:

I felt a little bite on my chest, but that's it.

It seems that the shark wanted to attack Manni's catch and did not want to attack the little boy. Fortunately, Manni was not injured during this surprising encounter.

The young diver even declared that this incident did not deter him from the sea and that it would not prevent him from jumping into the water again.

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