This diver barely escaped from a chilling shark attack (VIDEO)

During the filming of a television program, this diver almost got eaten by a shark. The horrifying incident was captured on TV.

Diver barely escapes from savage shark attack (VIDEO)
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Diver barely escapes from savage shark attack (VIDEO)

The TV show Shark Weekcame close to losing its producer to a dangerous shark attack. While attempting to film a shark at close quarters using a dangerous device, the man found himself at the mercy of an obviously hungry shark.

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In the protection of a polycarbonate cage

In order to get incredible images of sharks, the producers of Shark Week were willing to take considerable risks. Broadcasted on the Discovery Channel, this annual show is a must-see for shark lovers.

This year, Jeff Kurr, the director and producer, set up a dangerous device. He situated himself in a transparent polycarbonate cage to attract a great white shark. As seen in a clip, one of these super predators actually approached the cage and began to feel around before savagely attacking.

Swimming for survival

This attack shook viewers to their core because, unlike an iron cage, a polycarbonate cage does not provide strong protection. Unstable and frail, the cage was hence knocked over by the shark's attack, putting the diver in danger.

In the middle of the ocean, with his makeshift boat upside down, Jeff Kurr was probably scared to death. In the video, he was seen visibly struggling to get back into the cage while showing signs of panic. Finally, the diver chose to swim back to the boat. He escaped without a scratch, and with a video that is as incredible as it is frightening.

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