These three men were attacked by sharks in the middle of deep waters

In October, the Coast Guard rescued three men who were reported missing by family members. The help arrived just in time to save them from a gruesome shark attack.

Shark attack
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Shark attack

A shark’s predatorial nature is no secret. Notorious for their hunting skills, they show time and time again, their strength and status of being one of the most dangerous sea creatures. In October another shark attack made the headlines. The coast guard in Louisiana rescued three men who were cornered and attacked by a hoard of sharks.

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A fishing trip turned nightmare

The scene was truly something out of Jaws as the coast guard stumbled upon the three men, Phong Le, Son Nguyen and Luan Nguyen fighting for their lives while being surrounded by sharks in the Gulf of Mexico.

Previously, the three men were reported missing by their family after they hadn’t returned from the fishing trip for a long time.

As reported by New York Times, the victims’ boat broke down approximately 40 km away from the shore. As they went deeper into the water, the engine kept taking on more water and that weighed the boat down, sinking it in the process. The sharks soon started encircling them, and started attacking them.

A crucial rescue

As the coast guard arrived on the scene the next day they saw two men already injured due to their battle with the sharks surrounding them. Luan Nguyen, one of the survivors revealed:

The head part was in front of me and the shark from just out of nowhere bit the vest… So, I pushed the shark and then I tried to push his nose.
That didn’t do anything. So, I stuck both of my thumbs and jabbed him in the eyes, and it took off

The rescue rushed to get the injured men out of the water and into safety. They were immediately examined by a medical team and thankfully all of them are in good shape.

After this adventure, there’s no doubt that they will think more than once while venturing out into the waters any time soon.

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