These cities are slowly being engulfed by water and could be under water by 2050

Toes in the water is fun, a whole city underwater, not so much. And yet that's what's about to happen to these megacities. Scroll down to find out which ones.

world cities underwater climate change global warming danger consequence
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world cities underwater climate change global warming danger consequence

Wondering where to take your next vacation? A fine idea, but beware: the destination you're eyeing may be on the dreaded list of cities sinking into the abyss. A word of advice: make the most of it while there's still time.

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Under the sea

It's a fact that scientists have been warning of for years: the planet is warming up, leading to melting ice at the poles and rising sea levels across the board. The planet we call Earth (despite being 70% water) seems to be doing less and less justice to its name. Ignoring the advice of these experts, many large cities built on coastlines have continued to prosper.

As a result, they have become major megacities in the world's cultural, political, economic and financial landscape. The problem is, water doesn't care. As a result, some of the world's most popular cities will eventually be wiped off the map. On the one hand, rising water is to blame, but it's not the only reason. The weight of the buildings and the excessive pumping of groundwater, responsible for the subsidence of the soil, have created this explosive cocktail.

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Underwater buildings

Here's a roundup of cities that will soon have nothing to envy Venice!

1. Mexico city (Mexico)

It's the champion of all categories: Mexico City. And with a loss of 50 centimetres per year, it's hard to beat that! The megalopolis was built over an ancient lake.

2. Tianjin (China)

With its 14 million inhabitants, Tianjin boasts one of the fastest-sinking cities in China! Every year, it loses around 5 centimetres!

3. Jakarta (Indonesia)

The situation is so tense in Jakarta, that the city that was once Indonesia's capital is no more! It has given way to Nusantara. With a loss of 3.44 centimetres every year, this was a pretty good idea.

4. Houston (United States)

God bless America, but obviously not Houston. The city is sinking inexorably into the water at a rate of 17 millimeters per year. That's not much compared to some cities, but at this rate, a good part of the city will be gone by 2050!

5. New York (United States)

The Big Apple will suffer a similar fate. It has to be said that the weight of its buildings isn't helping. The mythical city has been disappearing under water at a rate of 1 to 2 millimeters per year for several years.

From Asia and Europe to Africa and Australia, coastal cities are being eaten away by water. Soil elevation is one of the measures intended to stem the problem, but in this battle, nature seems to be the clear winner.

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