A great white shark has been found mutilated and its killers didn't leave empty-handed

Two months ago, the carcass of a great white shark was found on a beach. According to researchers, the identity of the culprits has now been discovered.

shark body liver killer whale orca wildlife
© Gerald Schombs / Unsplash
shark body liver killer whale orca wildlife

Is the great white shark the superpredator of the oceans? Despite its reputation as a born hunter, this carnivorous fish has to answer for itself and take its fins to its neck when even hungrier creatures burst into its zone. And no, we're not talking about humans...

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A great white shark missing a large part of its body

In October, the remains of a great white shark were found washed up on a Portland beach. The shark's body was in very poor condition: part of its body was missing, suggesting that the poor four-meter shark had been hunted by a larger, better-organized predator.

Orcas ate his liver

As can be seen from the photos, the deceased shark no longer has a liver. This detail tipped off the researchers, who recognized it as typical killer whale behaviour. As Gizmodo points out:

Killer whales have a predilection for great whites; shark liver is rich in nutrients, making it a delicacy of choice for killer whales.

The shark was hunted for one of its organs, which orcas are particularly fond of. This would not be the first time such an event has occurred. Orcas have become such a threat to sharks that the latter prefer to desert certain areas for fear of being hunted. In South Africa, they have even deserted the waters. An article in the South China Morning Post points out that :

Then the sharks stopped washing up on shore. They stopped swimming near these shores, which are one of their best-known South African habitats. They simply disappeared.

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