This 18-year-old girl inseminated herself following a tutorial she found on the Internet

An 18-year-old girl dreamed of getting pregnant, but she didn't want to wait until she found Mr. Perfect, so she searched for a donor on Facebook.

Ann Barter
© Ann Barter
Ann Barter

Ann Barter has always wanted to have a child, since she was very young. Her own mum had also been a single mother, so she had an example at home and wasn't worried about raising a child without a partner.

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Not wanting to hang around, Ann got to work at the young age of just 18. She started looking for sperm donors in Facebook groups. After searching for a bit, she found a man named Tom, aged 31 years. First, she started chatting with him to meet him and to see if he was trustworthy.

Some time later, she decided to meet him at a hotel, taking a friend along with her. Ann handed the man the keys to her room so he could produce the semen sample.

She inseminated herself, and three weeks later, Ann discovered that she was pregnant. Her relatives were surprised and people asked her who the father of the child was.

Check out the video above for more of Ann's unique story...

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