Give your skin some extra attention this Ramadan

This Ramadan, take extra care of your skin by following these tips!

It’s easy for our skin to get dehydrated during this holy month. Abstaining from drinking water all day, coupled with the increasingly warm weathers can take a toll on your body and skin. As a result, many people who are fasting during this holy period end up with flaky, dry skin. Indonesian dermatologist, Dr. Fadila Zitria says that this is absolutely normal, but preventable as well. She said:

It normally happens during the fasting month, because, when we fast, we withhold from eating and drinking for more than 12 hours and it impacts our skin.

Hydrate your body

Even though you have to stay away from water between sunrise and sunset, you should still drink eight glasses every day. Dr. Zitra recommends drinking two glasses of water during sahur (your pre-sunrise meal), drinking another two glasses at iftar (your post-sunset meal), and squeezing in four glasses throughout the night.

When you don't hydrate your body enough, your skin will start looking dull so make sure to drink plenty of water while you can.

Nourish your skin

During Ramadan, your skincare routine should work towards moisturizing your skin!

Cleanse your skin twice a day and no more. With the summer approaching, you might be tempted to constantly wash your face to cool it down but over-cleansing can strip your skin of essential natural oils, making it even drier. You should also exfoliate your skin two or three times a week to get rid of all the dead skin.

Invest in products that lock in the moisture! Moisturizers with glycerine, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid are the way to go. Maha Syed, from Teen Vogue likes to use lightweight moisturizers that can be applied throughout the day. She wrote:

I stick to lightweight moisturizers such as TonyMoly’s Water Moisture Cream which is absolutely weightless and can be applied multiple times throughout the day.

She also likes to use oils and serums in her Ramadan skincare routine. She added:

I find that Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid formulas are key to brightening skin that has been dulled by fatigue and lack of nutrients. I start my day by patting a few drops of essential oils onto my skin for the perfect hydrated base.

Finally, remember to always finish off your routine with SPF.

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