Kama Sutra: The King's Throne will let you regain control of your pleasure

Take back control of your pleasure in bed with this sex position. Borrowed from the Kama Sutra, the King's Throne position will make you climb the curtains!

The Amazon, 69, Missionary, Doggy style... All these sexual positions have one thing in common: they are classic. Want to spice things up a bit? The King's Throne may be exactly what you need.

The sexual position that puts women in control

Reinvent yourself. Innovate. Indulge yourself. Taking control. That's what the King's Throne position is all about. In fact, in the Kama Sutra, the sex bible that teaches you how to make love, this position is known as one of the most pleasurable and orgasmic to practice. Another good thing is that you don't need to have done 15 years of yoga or aerobics to do it at home!

How do you do the King's Throne?

To get off in the King's Throne position, nothing could be easier. Especially since this movement is very pleasant for women, since her G-spot is at the centre of all the attention. So how do you go about it? To begin, place your partner with a penis on the edge of a bed or chair. Then the woman sits on him, but with her back to him.

The woman moves back and forth to the rhythm of the penetrations. The partner's hands may rest on the hips or help arch his back to facilitate the movements. The woman's hands can roam over her own body and increase the excitement by exploring her 5 erogenous zones. A sexy and pleasant position that you can practice almost everywhere in your house, bed, chair, sofa... Don't limit yourself!

Kama Sutra: This effortless sex position guarantees intense pleasure Kama Sutra: This effortless sex position guarantees intense pleasure