Aphrodisiacs: 4 things people eat to boost the libido that you didn't know about

Cultures around the world have different remedies to help keep things interesting in the bedroom.

Oysters, asparagus and chocolate are some of the common foods people associate with increased sexual libido. While for some, the smell of aftershave is enough to get them going. If these sound strange or unbelievable to you, you will be completely floored by the lengths people from different cultures will go to get in and sustain the mood.

Bird nests soup

Many Asian cultures revere birds due to their proximity to the heavens. But some people take this adoration a step further by eating soup made from the edible nest of the swiftlet. This is a rare and expensive dish made from the saliva of the small birds native to Southeast Asia. This meal costs as much as $900 (£690) per pound. It is believed to help awaken things in the dead bedroom.

Edible bird nest soup Getty/ ddukang

Boiled duck egg

Known as balut across the Philippines and in Vietman, this is no ordinary egg. It contains the embryo of a duckling and is a common street food in these countries. High in protein and energy-boosting nutrients, men in the Philippines turn to this as locally-sourced Viagra to help them keep things up and running.

Balut Getty/ violettenlandungoy

Durian fruit

Notorious for its awful smell, this Southeast Asian fruit is also noted for its aphrodisiac abilities. This theory is backed by an India scientist who, after studying mice that had eaten the fruit, found that they recorded increased libido and sperm count. If you’re able to make it past the stench, you’ll find this tropical fruit has quite a pleasant flavour.

Durian Getty/ Carlina Teteris

The blood of cobra

Some people in parts of China believe that drinking a glass of blood obtained from a cobra can boost men’s sex drive many times over. The belief is that the venomous nature of the cobra offers varied benefits to humans, including sexual prowess. This cobra serum is apparently popular in parts of Asia, partly because of its aphrodisiac attributes.

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