3 sex positions that will turn up the heat during winter

Here are three sex positions that will heat your body right up this winter. Bonus: they’re blanket-friendly!

We may not hibernate like bears do, but have you noticed that some humans are extra sleepy, lazy, and unmotivated during the winter? When it’s freezing outside, comfort is our best friend so naturally all other activities that require any unnecessary movements seem to go on the back burner—like working out and having sex.

But what if we told you that you could satisfy your starving libido and get some physical activity while staying out of the cold?

Well, you certainly can with these three snuggly sex positions!


You can’t talk about comfortable sex positions and not have spooning on the list. This sex position requires no effort, it involves a lot of cuddling, and you can do it under the blanket which makes it the ultimate winter sex move.

All you have to do is get under the covers and have the penetrative partner be the ‘big spoon.’ Gently slip the member inside the vagina and start rocking your body back and forth. If you’re in a same-sex relationship, you can also enjoy this position just the same. The partner who is the big spoon can take the lead while using a sex toy, their finger, or their penis, and you can switch roles when you see fit!

Modified doggy style

Here’s another winter favourite that will keep you warm but also ignite the fire down below. The movement is almost identical to what you do during doggy style, but in this position the partner who is taking in the member will be lying down on the bed completely. The one who is penetrating will enter from above, while using their elbows to remain stable.


If you’re really trying to warm up yourself using body heat, lotus should be your go to winter sex position. To start with, one partner will plant themselves on the bed and be the supporting anchor of the position. While the other sits on top and wraps their legs around the supportive partner’s waist. Remember, with this position you should follow a grinding motion inside of thrusting.

This sex position will intensify the pleasure that will last all night long This sex position will intensify the pleasure that will last all night long