William Dumps Kate Middleton Over the Phone
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William Dumps Kate Middleton Over the Phone

William dumps Kate Middleton over the phone, according to Robert Lacey's new book 'Battle of Brothers'

Kate Middleton almost didn’t get her happily ever after–she was this close to not becoming a princess. In his new book Battle of Brothers, Robert Lacey unveils a hefty secret about Kate and William.

Who here hasn’t been dumped over the phone? Unfortunately, this happens to the best of us. Even to Kate Middleton, believe it or not. Years before they got married and had three incredibly cute kids, Kate and William’s relationship was a little rocky, to say the least. It turns out that years ago, William actually dumped Kate. Over the phone.

The dreaded phone call

William and Kate met each other in uni back in 2000. William wasn’t always the perfect gentleman. In fact, he was far from it. One day in 2007, William decided he was over his relationship with Kate. But the way he decided to end their fling was far from glamorous.

While work in a retail store, Kate received a phone call from her lover. She picked up the call in the break room, not expecting what he was about to tell her. When she came out of that break room, she was single. William had just dumped her over the phone. The nerve!

Kate never gave up

Kate’s pride may have taken a toll that day, but she loved William, nonetheless. She decided to forgive his less than princely manners. The couple worked out their issues and today, they are happily married. As you know, Kate got her happily ever after after all.