'She was mortified': Kate Middleton's reaction to a prank played by her coworkers

In her college days, Kate Middleton was hilariously pranked by her colleagues in this surprising manner. But it’s her reaction that might surprise you more.

Kate Middleton has always presented herself in an elegant and composed manner. Although not from a royal background, the now Duchess has adapted herself perfectly to royal life. Being the second outsider to be wedded into the direct lineage of the Royal Family, Kate has moulded herself perfectly into the role of an ideal Royal Family member. But was she always like this? This surprising incident will give a glimpse of her life before royalty...

Kate’s college life

Kate Middleton had a pretty normal life before getting married to Prince William. She attended the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where she pursued the history of art. This is actually the place where she met Prince William and fell in love with him.

Kate Middleton’s unexpected reaction when she got pranked hilariously Samir Hussein GETTY_IMAGES

According to the royal author Katie Nicholl’s book Kate: The Future Queen released in 2013, the Duchess had a part-time job like many college students did to have some extra cash. However, Kate did not have a 'common job' in pubs or fast food restaurants, instead, she worked as a deckhand on yachts and sailboats. No wonder, she aced the sailing race in the recent commonwealth events.

Kate gets pranked

Although she lived a pretty normal life, she was not left unscathed by pranks pulled by college kids. As per Marie Claire, a part of her job was to show the clients a demonstration of how the boat’s life jackets worked.

Cal Tomlinson, Kate’s superior recalls that Kate was always ‘professional’ and polished. However, one day her colleagues decided to pull a funny prank on her which left her stunned. Cal recalls:

When she pulled the toggle, the thing inflated, and a load of condoms fell out
She was mortified and very embarrassed. She took it more seriously than the others might have, but she wasn’t thrown off her stride.
She was angry at first, but she settled down, and I don’t remember her ever getting them back

The incident left her red in the face with mortification, so much so that she was evidently seething with anger. Not the one to hold a grudge, Kate calmed down soon enough and moved on without retaliating.

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