Queen may choose to ignore Meghan and Harry, says royal expert

The Queen may have a 'more insulting' plan up her sleeves for Meghan and Harry instead of removing their titles

According to a royal expert, the Queen could have a 'more insulting' plan for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry instead of removing their titles for cashing in on the Royal Family in the US.

Royal exit

Since stepping down as senior royals, Meghan and Harry can no longer carry out royal engagements and also lost their military and royal patronages. They also can't use the word 'royal' in their branding while they carve out a new brand for themselves in the US. However, the couple still have their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles, with Harry still keeping his Prince title too.

Despite this, they have sparked outrage among royal fans for still making money off the royal name by repeatedly bashing the monarchy in their recent interviews, prompting calls for the Queen to remove their remaining titles.

However, royal expert Ingrid Seward believes her Majesty would rather 'ignore them' than give them more 'ammunition to criticise the monarchy.'

She siad:

I don’t think removing the titles would make much difference and it would look very petty.
I also don’t think it is something the Queen would want to do at this stage of her reign.
It would be far more insulting just to ignore them.
Even excluding them from the jubilee next year gives them ammunition to criticise the monarchy.

Back in January, the Queen stripped Meghan and Harry of their HRH titles after they officially cut ties with the monarchy.

This means Harry no longer holds his military title.

He is also no longer the patron of England Rugby.

Meghan also lost her patronages with The Royal National Theatre and The Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Buckingham Palace Statement

In a statement, Buckingham Palace said at the time:

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have confirmed to Her Majesty The Queen that they will not be returning as working members of The Royal Family.
Following conversations with The Duke, The Queen has written confirming that in stepping away from the work of The Royal Family it is not possible to continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service.
The honorary military appointments and Royal patronages held by The Duke and Duchess will therefore be returned to Her Majesty, before being redistributed among working members of The Royal Family.
While all are saddened by their decision, The Duke and Duchess remain much loved members of the family.
Harry and Meghan: Queen may have 'calculated' reason for leaving them out of her speeches Harry and Meghan: Queen may have 'calculated' reason for leaving them out of her speeches