Prince William vaccinated against COVID-19, and Internet users noticed something special about his body

A picture of Prince William taken during his vaccination was posted on the Internet. The heir to the throne rolled up his sleeve for a good cause.

This is probably the first time that a vaccination campaign has generated so much interest and excitement. Prince William has received his first dose of the vaccine, as confirmed by Kensington Royal:

On Tuesday I received my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. To all those working on the roll-out of the vaccine - thank you for all you have done and continue to do.'

William is vaccinated against COVID-19

England continues to work hard to vaccinate its population en masse. To date, more than 55% of Britons have already received their first dose thanks to the many provisional centres made available to them. This is a considerable step forward and has been welcomed by many celebrities who are promoting vaccination via social networks.

This morning, Prince William decided to go to the Science Museum to receive his first dose of the vaccine. Surrounded by photographers, Prince Charles' son posed for his injection to set an example for his followers. Internet users were quick to applaud the gesture of the future king of England. However, another detail quickly caused a buzz on social networks.

A striking view

Royal journalist Chris Ship shared the information on his Twitter account by posting a photo of the Duke of Cambridge on Thursday 20 May. The 38-year-old future heir to the throne did not hesitate to pose for the camera with his jumper sleeve rolled up, revealing his bulging biceps for the vaccination campaign. It was an unusual image, to say the least. Indeed, it is rare to see the musculature of a member of the royal family. Internet users were quick to react in the comments:

Look at the muscles he's hiding under all those jumper combos
Who would have thought William had such muscular arms?
I wasn't prepared for the show!

A vaccination shot that is having not unwelcome side effects on the public, then.

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