Prince William Did Something Really Adorable To Protect Kate From The Paparazzi

Prince William Did Something Really Adorable To Protect Kate From The Paparazzi

Prince William has always been very caring and protective of his wife Kate Middleton and as proof of this, he did something very romantic to help her a few years ago. Let’s explain.

The relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton hasn’t always been so simple. Although they met in 2002 in an undergraduate lecture hall at University, the beginning of their story was quite complicated for Kate Middleton. And for good reason, since she was always having to deal with the paparazzi and journalists who were constantly hanging around.

According to the magazine Closer, this was when Prince William decided to set up an emergency number for Kate Middleton, should she ever need it. If she ever wanted to, the young woman would be able to call this number at any time to get support and discuss her permanent stress.

‘We had been introduced to Kate early on, and we were instructed from the outset to give her every support possible. She was obviously the subject of a lot of press interest and intrusion from the paparazzi,’ revealed one of the members of staff who was involved in this scheme.

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‘We advised her on how to deal with the cameras. We told her to smile at the photographers so that there would be a better picture. She was given advice on how to manage the media, and we were there to support her if there was a crisis,’ they added.

Proof of Prince William’s love that shows the Duchess has always been able to count on his support and protection.

Take a look at the video above for more from William and Kate... 

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