Prince William caught flirting with another woman

Don't worry, Prince William is a faithful husband. But he does seem to have a fan with a major crush on him... at 96 years old!

Despite the growing controversy regarding his brother, Harry of Sussex, Prince William has not forgotten how to have a good time. And he proved it once again this weekend during an official visit.

On Sunday 23 May, the Duke of Cambridge visited Queen's Bay Lodge in Edinburgh, a special care home for the elderly. It was the perfect opportunity for the home's senior citizens to share a cup of tea and a scoop of ice cream with the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

'You're making me blush'

And that's just what 96-year-old Betty Magee, who served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, did. But she will probably have a very different memory from the others. As Prince William sat down at her table, she didn't hesitate to suggest a very upfront greeting:

It is customary in these parts to give a lady a kiss on the cheek.

Now there's a lady who wastes not time! To which the Duke of Cambridge replied: 'Oh, you're so cute. You're making me blush,' obviously amused by the situation. But Betty wasn't kidding! Faced with her insistence, William made her a promise. 'When the rules loosen up more, I'll come back and give you a kiss on the cheek Betty', he assured her.

'Can you stop flirting?'

After taking a tour of the tables to greet the other residents and to try his hand at a spot of carpentry, the Duke of Cambridge couldn't leave without returning to see his admirer. As Betty Magee tried her luck again, a staff member humorously asked, 'Can you stop flirting with my residents?' William replied, 'I'm trying, but I don't know who flirts more.' The prince couldn't seem to resist the old girl's charm. A tender and amusing exchange shared on social networks by the royal couple.

The competition is tough for Kate Middleton! But she'll be able to take control of the situation as she arrives in Scotland this Monday to join her husband and continue her tour with him.

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