Possible Coronavirus cases identified at Prince George And Princess Charlotte’s school

Several students at Princess Charlotte and Prince George’s school were put under quarantine last Wednesday. It seems nobody is safe from the coronavirus, not even the Royal Family!

For weeks now, the coronavirus has been on a rampage. Everyone has been affected. Even celebrities such as Tom Hanks and Idris Elba have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Nobody is safe, so much so in fact that several students from Princess Charlotte and Prince George’s school have recently been put into quarantine.

Four students from the prestigious Thomas Battersea primary school have recently been sent home from school as a precaution.

As it turns out, these four children had been on a family ski trip to the north of Italy not long before the whole country was put into lockdown, and cases have been sharply rising across the whole country ever since.

The official announcement made by a spokesperson from Charlotte and George’s school

Charlotte and George’s classmates have been in isolation for the past few days. A spokesperson from the school made a statement to Sky News in mid-February:

‘Like all schools we are taking the potential risks connected with the spread of COVID-19 very seriously. And to this end are following government guidance to the letter’

They then continued:

‘We currently have a very small number of pupils who have been tested and these individuals are currently, as per government advice, remaining at home pending the receipt of their test results.’

Despite this, we can only imagine how worried Kate Middleton and Prince William probably feel. But the school has reassured the public and will not be closing its doors, unlike schools in other countries across Europe.

Good news for Prince George, who has been a student at Thomas Battersea since 2017. He and his sister love the institution and feel very comfortable there.

Prince George is changing schools because of Princess Charlotte Prince George is changing schools because of Princess Charlotte