Britney Spears, Taylor Swift: All the celebrities Prince William has flirted with before Kate Middleton

Prince William, the second in line to the throne may now be in a happy marriage with Kate Middleton, but he has had his fair share of secret relationships.

On Wednesday, William and Kate attended the Together at Christmas community carol service at Westminster Abbey. Other royals and the Middletons attended the celebration with the royal couple, which will be aired on ITV on Christmas Eve. Kate organized the event as a way of thanking people from all over the UK who had helped their communities cope with the coronavirus outbreak.

During these current challenging times for the Royal Family, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have become central and stable figures within the Firm. The pair has three children together and recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. However, before William and Kate became a couple, the young prince is said to have communicated with pop sensation Britney Spears via emails.

Cyber relationship(s)

In his latest book, Brother and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan, American journalist Christopher Andersen claims that the Duke of Cambridge had cyber relationships at one point.

Britney Spears was talking to Prince William… Hilarious. They tried to get together for Valentine's Day.

While the Duke of Cambridge and the 'Toxic' singer were talking to each other, they were never able to meet. Spears admitted, in an interview with ITV in 2002, that she and Prince William were ‘emailing.’ Spears confirmed:

We exchanged emails for a little bit. He was supposed to come and see me somewhere, but it didn't work out.

Andersen believes that the couple could never get together even though they tried to do as William was young. He further added:

There may have been phone conversations but I don’t recall that they ever actually managed to get together during that period.

According to the American royal book writer, Prince William is rumoured to have shared a similar relationship with another famous figure. Andersen confirmed:

Yeah, well you know, William has also had a kind of a cyber relationship with Lauren Bush the model that is George Bush's niece.

William is a Swiftie

The Royal figure who is second in line to the throne had reportedly had a secret relationship with Taylor Swift as well. In his recent podcast, he admitted to having followed her on the stage like a puppy during one of the royal events in 2013. Taylor was performing with Bon Jovi when she pulled William on stage to sing with them. William confessed:

I’m sat next to Taylor Swift ... and she turns to me, she puts her hand on my arm, looks me in the eye and says, ‘Come on, William, let’s go and sing.
Prince William and Taylor Swift at the Winter Whites Gala In Aid Of Centrepoint Getty Images
To this day I still do not know what came over me. But, frankly, if Taylor Swift looks you in the eye, touches your arm and says, ‘Come with me’ ... I got up, like a puppy, and went, Yeah, OK. That seems like a great idea, I’ll follow you.

Kate Middleton appears to be displeased with William's remarks regarding Taylor Swift. Rumour has it, the reason it hurt Kate so much is that the two could have apparently been a thing in the past.

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