A Royal Expert Believes Harry And William Are Growing Apart... And It Could Be Down To Meghan Markle

There seems to be some distance growing between Prince Harry and Prince William. And the wedding of the youngest of the brothers with Meghan Markle could be the reason.

Will we witness a fight between the crowned heads of England? Prince Harry and Prince William have started to distance themselves from one another. According to The Sunday Times, quoted by Closer, the two brothers, who until then were in a common office, decided to have separate workspaces. The move should be done in the spring.

One royal commentator has suggested that Meghan Markle might be the reason for Harry and Wills growing apart. Harry, William and Kate Middleton have for years formed an inseparable trio. But the marriage of the youngest of the family has changed the situation somewhat. ‘Meghan's arrival in the royal family has changed the dynamics of the relationship quite significantly,’ explains Sally Bedell Smith, author of several books on the royal family, in People.

Will something good come out of it?

Prince William's fatherly role has of course kept him away from his brother because he now has to take care of his family – a situation that Harry will also experience in a few months' time. The place in the order for succession to the English crown also requires a distancing in the official outflows and engagements. Prince William must prepare to become Prince of Wales while Harry can more easily chart his own path.

But apart from the family and formal obligations, this remoteness could also be directly related to Meghan Markle and her strong opinions. ‘Meghan has very strong opinions about what interests her and maybe that's what Harry shares, but not what William and Kate share,’ said Sally Bedell Smith, still in People magazine.

However, this distancing might not be such a bad thing: ‘It gives Harry and Meghan a certain freedom to create their own interests and charities,’ concludes the specialist.

According To This Royal Expert, The Feud Between Harry And William Is Nothing To Do With Meghan Markle According To This Royal Expert, The Feud Between Harry And William Is Nothing To Do With Meghan Markle