Watch Out For These Seven Signs That He's Messing You Around

They say that love can make you blind and sometimes when we're really into someone it can be hard to spot the signs that they're not so into us… So here are a few red flags to watch out for when you’re seeing someone new.

He never invites you out

He’s handsome, full of compliments and all those extra little things… He flirts with you and shows you that he likes you. However, he never wants to go out with you. And why? There may be a simple explanation, but it may also be that he's hiding his true intentions. One thing is for sure, he’s probably not going to change.

He doesn’t want anything serious with you

If he's upfront about not wanting anything serious with you then he's not taking you for a fool. But don't waste your time falling in love with him if you're looking for something more.

He has never been in love

Yes, this exists. Some people never fall in love, but this often means that the person just isn’t ready or is afraid of something. So be careful you don’t fall in love alone with someone who won’t love you back!

He never invites you to his house

If he only wants to see you at your house, it is most likely because he has something to hide. Another life, another girlfriend? Be careful…

He doesn’t have time for you

He has free time, and you know it since he sends you loads of texts trying to seduce you and yet, when you want to see him, he says 'I don’t have time.' Strange? Either he actually wants nothing to do with you and he just likes playing the game, or someone else is taking up all of his time. In the second case, it can’t be a very healthy relationship.

He’s just been through a difficult break-up

He can’t help himself and neither can you. Your new boyfriend might even have just been dumped by a girl that he was crazy in love with, and it hurt him badly. The problem is that he’s going to compare you to his ex and that’s going to make him feel even worse about your relationship. But it’s up to you if you can handle that.

He makes promises that he doesn’t keep

If he doesn’t keep his promises, he clearly just wants to play the field. You have a date planned, a film to go see that evening, something to celebrate… He said that he would be there but as if by magic, he ends up cancelling. Don’t waste your time on him, he’s just playing with your emotions.

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These are 7 Signs To Watch For If You're Concerned About Your Relationship These are 7 Signs To Watch For If You're Concerned About Your Relationship