This is your personality based on your birth order

Do you know why siblings have different personalities, in spite of having the same parents? A mental health advocate explains personality traits.

A man gained around 8 million views on his concept of Psychological birth order.

Tristan Collazo, who posts on TikTok under the name @risethriverepeat, has a master's degree in Mental Health Counselling. He tells his viewer a few key differences noticed in the eldest, middle and youngest siblings.

Adler's birth theory

The three series of videos posted by Collazo have gained huge momentum. He uses the Adler's Birth theory to explain the different personality traits between the eldest, middle and youngest child.

Adler's theory discusses how your birth order affects your interactions with your siblings and also your general personality.

According to the 20th-century researcher, the oldest sibling will never be devoid of attention, only until the following siblings are born, and the older one feels 'dethroned.'

The one on the eldest sibling gained 8m views Tiktok

Oldest child: The responsible one

The firstborn, in most cases, takes care of their younger siblings. This quality nurtures their mind to become responsible caregivers.

Callozo said:

This concept states that a person's birth order plays a major role in how an individual's personality is shaped.Families place unrealistic expectations on the eldest child and because they are no longer the only child, they must adapt and change, in turn, they become perfectionists, people-pleasers and authoritative, yet extremely helpful.

Middle child: The competitive one

On the other hand, second siblings are more competitive in nature, since they are aware that they must compete for attention and resources.

Callozo said:

Their older siblings serve as a role model, but also spark a competitive fire as they strive to catch up and surpass their older sibling. In turn, they may be more likely to be better adjusted in life, they are more competitive, peacemakers, people-pleasers, rebellious and always gaining new abilities.

But when a third child is born and the attention is shifted there, something sparks up in the second child, and they get overly competitive. It is not always easy to gain the attention of parents, being sandwiched in the middle.

The TikToker adds:

They can feel like life is unfair, feeling unloved and impatient, but they can also be even-tempered, adaptable and able to compromise.

Youngest child: The baby

The youngest siblings are the luckiest of the lot, in terms of receiving attention and resources. They will forever be the baby, and everyone is there to give them a lot of love.

Mental Health counsellor, Callozo concluded:

They are considered the babies since their siblings have likely become independent.
The youngest may receive more attention, the youngest may be outgoing and attention-seeking, feel inferior to their other siblings, hyper-dependant on others, more competitive to catch up with their siblings developmental level and may behave as if they're the only child.
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