This is what you need in a relationship based on your zodiac sign

Every zodiac sign has a basic need without which they cannot be in a relationship. Let’s find out based on your sign.

Everyone, no matter what, has that one specific element they always require in their relationships. People strive for a variety of qualities in their partner. While everyone has that one thing in a relationship that they can't live without, it's possible to get even more specific when you consider your zodiac sign. You can have a particular characteristic or trait in mind when looking for a companion. It just doesn't feel right without such items.


They are usually well-organized and stick to precise schedules. Capricorns are bossy and, they want a partner who will be there for them for the long haul. Even if things go tough, their partner should remain fully committed to them.


Aquarians adore their freedom and independence. This sign is the happiest when alone in the environment they like. So, they like to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't suffocate or bind them.



Pisces requires someone empathetic to their requirements. They despise someone who isn't romantic. Therefore they tend to seek out a mate that can understand them and their emotional needs.


Aries is all about thrills and excitement. They're always on the lookout for the next big thing. They are fiery and energetic and desire to live a life that is full of excitement and fun. They require someone who can keep up with them and who is as enthusiastic as they are.


A Taurus desires to experience all that life has to offer, but they also need to be in a secure relationship. Hence, they look for security in their partners. This means establishing a sense of stability and seeking out a committed partner for the long term.


To keep the relationship fresh and intriguing, Gemini needs to mix things up from time to time. They're happiest when they're learning new things, and experiencing new things. This sign requires continual mental stimulation to keep life exciting and enjoyable for them.



Cancerians are emotional and sensitive by nature. They need to be with someone who understands them and tries to console them when things are tough. They simply want someone with whom they can converse without hesitation.


Appreciation is the most significant thing a Leo wants from their partner. Their sparkling nature should be matched with someone willing to flaunt them in front of others. They love compliments and admiration of their loved ones.


In contrast to who they are, Virgos expects their partner to be organized and patient. They may become upset and make unreasonable decisions when their lives are unorganized. Thus, Virgos need a companion who can keep them in control.


Librans value balance but they want a partner who will hold them accountable when it's required. Especially if they don't know the difference between right and wrong. They need someone who fills this void in their life.


Scorpio desires to be with someone willing to cross oceans with them. They want to know that their partner is ready to commit to them and that they can tackle life's most difficult challenges together.


Sagittarians are cheerful and open-hearted; therefore, they prefer to be with someone who is the polar opposite of them. When they start fantasizing about too many ridiculous things, their partner should be able to pull them back to reality.

Astrology: What type of partner are you based on your zodiac sign Astrology: What type of partner are you based on your zodiac sign