This Is What The Shape Of Your Feet Says About Your Personality

If you didn’t already know, your feet say a lot about you. Since ancient times, man has been able to tell his future and destiny thanks to his feet. Today, Ohmymag will show you how to find out what kind of person you are just from a single glance.

The Common Foot

This is the most common foot shape, with the big toe being the largest and most proportional to the others. People with common feet are considered open and sociable people. They tend to be charismatic and fine businessmen and women!

The Square Foot

This is when the all the toes, including the big toe, are exactly or almost the same length. Also known as a “peasant’s foot” because of the rectangular shape, people with square feet are calm and take their time when making decisions. They are also very loyal and pragmatic.

The Flame Foot

This is the most distinctive foot shape where the second toe is the longest. People with this shape are very enthusiastic and motivated. This shape is very common among athletes and artists (because it symbolises creativity and good sportsmanship) and they are also considered good speakers and pioneers.

The Stretched Foot

This shape is very narrow, with the alignment from the big toe to the little toe being unmistakable. These people tend to value their privacy and are quite secretive. They can also be impulsive and their moods can change at the snap of a finger.

The Small Toe

People who can’t separate their small toe from the rest of their foot prefer to have a routine and keep their rhythm the same. They are also loyal, and this is what makes them great friends. However, those that can separate it are those that need to change their life because their normal routine and daily life makes them sad. This generally leads them towards a more adventurous life even though they get bored easily. People who have small toes on the sides of their feet are often rebellious who like things to be done their way and are often free spirits.

The Other Toes

People with a gap between their second and third toes are people who can easily handle their emotions. Those who have a bent third toe are always organised and know how to take control of any situation.

People whose second toe is skinner at the base than at the tip tend to be quite expressive people. They like to big things up, and make them seem more important than they actually are. When these people are in a good mood, they make those around them feel good as well, but when they’re not, it’s best to leave them be…

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