These Men Are In A Legally Recognised Married 'Throuple'

These Men Are In A Legally Recognised Married 'Throuple'

This is the first time a union such as this one has been celebrated.

One year after legalising same-sex marriage, Colombian justice validated the first three-person marriage in its history in summer 2017.

In early June, Victor Hugo Prada was able to officially unite with his two companions. ‘We wanted to make our home, our family official, there was nothing legally solid that recognised us as a family,’ he says in a video produced by local media. ‘We are a family, a polyamorous family, this is the first time in Colombia.’

Since June 3rd, the 3 men have entered under the patrimonial regime known legally as ‘trieja’ in the country. Although this type of union is becoming more common, German Rincon Perfetti, a lawyer for the LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersexual) association explained to AFP that it is the very first time ‘that it is legalised.’ ‘It's an acknowledgment that other types of families exist,’ he concludes.

Rob Mitchell
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