These are the four ways yoga improves your sex life

Yoga has a wide range of benefits on the body. But did you know it can also have an incredibly positive effect on your sex life?

Looking to spice things up with your special someone but not too fond of the idea of toys, involving a third (or fourth!?) party or anything too 'out there'? Well, as it turns out, you might already be practicing one of the best ways of amping your sex life!

The answer to taking your sex life with your partner to the next level lies in incorporating yoga into your lifestyle. This ancient Indian form of exercise not only works the physical but the mental aspects of your body as well.

Stress and fatigue reducing

The last thing on your mind when you are stressed and exhausted from a long week of working in the office is getting it on. Yoga, time and time again, has been proven to be a great outlet to release stress. Further, like most forms of exercise, it'll boost your energy and increase libido in the process.

Improves body image

What better way to feel better than liking what you see in the mirror? This isn't too say that Yoga is rooted in superficial dogmas, but being comfortable in your own skin definitely contributes to a sense of confidence that you can't really get from anything else. This ultimately translates to better sex.

Better focus, awareness and concentration

Yoga allows you to become more in tune with your mind on a very intimate level which in turn leads to better concentration and awareness. These two mental capacities are extremely important when engaging in sexual intercourse. Yoga can also help you in becoming hyper aware of the mechanics of your own body: you learn to move in ways you did not know were possible before.

Overall better physical health

Practicing yoga regularly tones your body, improves your flexibility which will consequently allow you to try out new positions you might have not thought about before. Becoming more familiar with how your body can move can make a huge difference in the way you go about having sex.

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