‘The Union Of The Magpie:’ The Comfortable, Practical Sex Position That Will Easily Make You Orgasm

The Kama Sutra is considered the bible of sexual positions. But why not spice up the classics a bit? Have you ever heard of the ‘Union of the Magpie’ position?

The Kama Sutra truly is a sex bible. This Indian book is full of sex positions which all require practice to fully master. Among the many examples in this book are positions that everyone is familiar with such as 69, doggy style, missionary, the lotus, reverse missionary, the rocking horse and even spooning.

But how can you spice up your antics?

For several months now, we have been telling you about some amazing sexual positions that not everyone knows about; which is a shame because they are great!

The Union of the Eagle

This spiced up missionary position, according to Women’s Health, promises greater pleasure than you can imagine. This position is perfect for quickly reaching orgasm since it allows for a more intense penetration and more fireworks with your partner as a result.

The Embrace of the Panda

This position is great for those of you who love wilder, more carnal sex.

The Boat Position

This time, the woman is the one in charge! She sits herself on top of her partner and moves in just the right way to make the pleasure as deep and intense as possible.

The Union of the Elephant

This position will be really tender and sensual for you and your partner. This position is similar to doggy style, but ‘the Union of the Elephant’ allows you to be and feel a lot closer to your partner.

‘The Union of the Magpie:’ Our latest recommendation you absolutely need to try!

Here is a position you should try with your partner as soon as possible. Keep reading to find out how.

First of all, your partner has to be sat on something sturdy (table, chair, work surface) so he will be stable as he moves. The woman then comes and sits on top of him, hugging him tightly.

This position is perfect for completely bringing you two together during the act and your partner could even take this opportunity to play with your nipples.

‘The Union of the Magpie’ can then end lying down for maximum pleasure

Check out the video above for more details.

This spicy sex position that will make you forget all about the 69 This spicy sex position that will make you forget all about the 69