The Secret to Losing Weight Could Well Be Hiding Between the Sheets…

Can we hope to efficiently lose weight whilst reaching orgasm?

Besides the fact that the activity can prove itself to be very enjoyable, doing the deed also allows us (and we often forget it) to burn a few calories.

Even if having a roll around in bed will certainly never achieve the efficacy of a good cardio session at the gym, it doesn't stop it eliminating some 200 calories if you make sure to get busy with your partner for a minimum of 30 minutes.

On the other hand, the orgasm itself is not really that effective for weight loss. According to the magazine Women’s Health, climaxing only melts away around three calories.

In other words, not a great deal in relation to certain strategic positions, that, once well-practised, can prove themselves as worthwhile as a real gym session.

Women’s Health also tells us that choosing to have sex standing up allows muscles to tone and could help to burn no less than 600 calories or the equivalent of jogging for an hour!

Another interesting position to help your figure is the 'Amazon', which involves placing yourself above your partner by riding him. This could help you to lose 100 calories more than with the classic position 'missionary'.

As for foreplay, it’s not such a good weight loss technique. Oral sex will only help you burn up to 100 calories. Still, much more fun than running, right?

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