Study shows 9 out of 10 women are forced to have sex by their partners

On Tuesday, March 3rd, the French website Nous Toutes ('Us All') revealed the results of its survey on sexual consent. The findings are alarming, and the figures are frightening.

'We will not be able to build a society of equality between the sexes if women's bodies are denied, if their desires are ignored by their partners or themselves, if they are thought of only as sexual objects and not subjects,' wrote the feminist association on its Instagram page.

These words are based on the clear observation that too many women have had sexual intercourse without their consent. In this survey, they were not only talking about rape and sexual assault but also about sexual intercourse with one's partner.

Of the 96,600 women who responded to the Nous Toutes survey, 70% said they had had sexual intercourse, without any pressure from their partner, but when they did not want to. For 25% of them, the blame was on their shoulders: 'I thought I was the problem.'The other finding is that nine out of ten women say they were pressured to have sex with their partner.

Still according to the survey, 49.1% of the women 'say they have heard degrading remarks about not wanting to have sex('prudish,' 'uptight,' 'not normal,' 'boring').

More than 80% of women reported psychological, physical or sexual violence during sexual intercourse,with words that speak for themselves: 'You're a bad f**k,' 'It's your fault if you don't feel anything,' 'In any case, no one else will want you,''You're not good enough.'

In view of the extent of the testimonies received, the association asked the French Government and Marlène Schiappa, the French Secretary of State for Gender Equality, to create, on the same model as road safety,'a compulsory module in schooling on the issue of equality and on the prevention of sexism and sexual violence, and to set an age threshold for non-consent for children.'

Thus, mentalities must change and women's consent must become a real political issue.

See more figures from the survey in our video above.

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