Study shows women are much more attracted to men with this trait

According to a recent study, there is a personality trait in men that is much more appreciated by heterosexual women than others.

Study shows men with this trait can attract more women than any other
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Study shows men with this trait can attract more women than any other

The desirability of someone depends on individual tastes. While some people prefer tall people with professional ambition and charisma, others will focus less on physical appearance and more on humour, modesty and kindness. There are no hard and fast rules and any person can be attractive. However, could it be that one particular character trait wins more points than the others? Yes, according to a recent study.

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A sought-after trait

Blondes, short people, athletes, careerists, Stranger Things fans... All people are desirable. The old standards of beauty are slowly disappearing and today’s society is significantly more accepting. Some might be attracted to physical traits and some to mental or habitual traits.

Everyone has their own unique qualities that are bound to appeal. But according to a recent study published in May 2022, heterosexual women under the age of forty have a very specific criterion that would increase a man's attractiveness.


The desire for fatherhood

As reported by PsyPost a study titled ‘Call me Daddy: How long-term desirability is influenced by the intention to be a father’ was published by Evolutionary Psychological Science. In the abstract of the results publishedit was stated men's desire to be fathers is what makes them more attractive to women:

The results showed that a man's desirability as a long-term partner was enhanced if he wished to become a father and/or if he had previous relationship experience, indicating that he had been chosen or preferred before.

On the other hand, the study also reports that a man may have a high rate of desirability, even if he does not wish to have a child, provided 'that his former partner speaks highly of him'.

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