Oral sex: 6 tips to make this act pleasurable for both parties

For lots of couples, oral sex is THE biggest pleasure. So to help you make the most of this sexual act, here are a few tips.

80% of women perform oral sex on their partners. But this carnal act isn’t exclusive and can be a pleasurable experience for every couple, no matter their sexual preferences. However, this sexual act is still quite a niche subject for some people and often leaves them with lots of questions. ‘Should I masturbate at the same time?’, ‘Should I go fast or slow?’, ‘Can I nibble a bit?’. So now, we’re going to answer all these questions. If just like for any sexual act, they are introduced naturally, there are things you can do to make oral sex even more pleasurable for those who both give and receive.

1. Remember you’re not in a porn film

Just a reminder that oral sex should only practised when both of the two parties want to. No one should be forced to pleasure their partner if they don’t want to. Sex is a mutual act and should only occur with full consent. But don’t be afraid to start things off though and things could happen naturally. Imagine tenderly kissing your partner and then move further down. Although porn films can have an influence on our behaviour and expectations, they are completely different from real life. The goal is not to be vulgar as this is not attractive. Just be yourself and play around with your sex appeal. Although oral sex imitates penetration, that doesn’t mean you just have to go back and forth. Why not have fun with your tongue, rotate it or even slide it along the penis and/or testicles?

2. Areas to focus on: the tip, the head and the frenulum

The most sensitive part of the male sex organ is the tip. It is full of pleasure sensors, so this is where we recommend you focus. You can lick it from left to right, suck the head and the tip and even run your tongue along the frenulum (the elastic band of tissue under the skin). But above anything else, you must not use your teeth and you must not bite. The penis is very sensitive and nibbling is therefore quite painful.

3. Your hands can also be useful

You don’t just have to rely on your mouth. You can also use your hands during oral sex. While your tongue is busy, why not use your hand to masturbate his member at the same time? If synchronisation is not your strong suit, you could just simply tenderly rub his testicles or penis. But for the best results, move your mouth back and forth at the same time as masturbating the penis. Start slowly and then after around ten reps, start to pick up the pace. The goal is for your mouth to be synchronised with your hands.

4. Let him watch you

Although this can sometimes be annoying - and it all depends on your level of intimacy with your partner - men often enjoy watching their partner when they are performing oral sex. Why not use this to your advantage? The ball is in your court - if you pardon the pun. If you watch him while giving him oral sex, your partner will get even more excited.

5. Nothing is forcing you to go all the way

Of course, you don’t have to go all the way. You can decide when you want to end this sexual act. It can be used as foreplay before having sex, or maybe your partner will return the favour afterwards. Don’t force yourself to end up with his semen in your mouth if this is a turn off for you. In life, just as in sex, you should never force yourself to do something you don’t want to do. In any case, if it makes you happy to make your man happy, with the tips above, you are sure to have a whale of a time.

6. The receiving partner also has a role

If you are the one receiving, your role is also rather important. If your partner wants to give you oral sex, why not tell them about your preferences and how you like it? For those who are giving, it is also nice to hear encouragement and be caressed during. This creates unparalleled complicity and a true connection between you both.

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