How Many Times A Month Are Couples 'Getting Busy'?
How Many Times A Month Are Couples 'Getting Busy'?
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How Many Times A Month Are Couples 'Getting Busy'?

In the collective unconscious, most people believe young people aged 18 to 29 are fond of getting busy between the sheets. In reality, it's totally different.

The Ipsos Institute wanted to know the frequency of sexual intercourse among British and American youth. Many people imagine that young people are experts on the subject, however, the numbers are actually surprising. Most think that a person has about 14 sexual encounters in a month.

In fact, among the British, there are only about 5 on average. Americans are even less effective because they only have 4 monthly relations. In the banal reality, young people aged 18 to 29 have about fifty encounters a year. But the most surprising is the biased interpretation that men have about women's sexual relations.

How many partners during the course of your life?

According to them, the female population (less accessible therefore more coveted) have 23 encounters per month (in England and the United States). In reality, their average sexual activity is five per month.

The study also analysed the number of encounters that a person could have until they are between 45-54 years old. The English have 17 partners on average and the Americans 19. If the figure may seem small, it is because love still exists and that ideally, when we met the love of our lives, we don't go looking elsewhere for action between the sheets!

Check the video and get even more info, as well as see where you fall in the study!

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