Best Places To Get Busy Besides Your Own Home

Who hasn't thought of having sex somewhere other than their place? Because let's face it, breaking the rules can be quite exciting. Here's a non-exhaustive list of fun places to get it on!

Best Places To Get Busy Besides Your Own Home
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Movies, books, and TV shows all portray sexuality in a variety of ways. So, by now, we've all seen partners engage in sexual activity elsewhere than in a bed - which, while it is the most conventional place to have sex, isn't necessarily less pleasant.

If you're tempted to do the same and your partner is up for it, here's a short list of places to have sex outside of your home, without shocking anyone of course. Because a little indecent exposure could cost you a lot!

A hotel room

You can choose a hotel together, to start small. The main idea here is to spice things up by choosing a time you wouldn't usually have sex. For example, during your lunch break!

At a friend's house

The change of scenery makes things more interesting and exciting.

On an elevator

You immediately thought of the sex scene in Drive, with Ryan Gosling, didn't you? Elevators are a tricky place to knock boots because you run the risk of running into one of the apartment building's tenants. The best way to avoid this is by doing it very late, when the vast majority of other residents are asleep...

And don't forget your cell phone. Elevators sometimes break down.

In a car

Once again, several movie or TV show car sex scenes come to mind. You have to admit it's quite practical: your car becomes a kind of portable bed. We recommend the cowgirl sex position for car shenanigans.

Your friend's bathroom!

If you're at a house party with friends, you can quietly run off to the bathroom...