After His Girlfriend Caught The Bouquet, This Man Did Something Awful

After His Girlfriend Caught The Bouquet, This Man Did Something Awful

The girl's face when she sees what her boyfriend does speaks for itself. Will they stay together after such an embarrassing moment?

An outdoor, garden wedding, a nice time between friends and family, a beautiful way to celebrate love... and your boyfriend decides to ruin it like this.

Everyone knows the bridal tradition of the bride throwing her bouquet over her shoulder once the bride and guests are at the reception. The idea is that the girls invited to the wedding swarm to catch the bouquet, because that same tradition claims that the lucky guest who catches it will be the next one to walk down the aisle.

So, it is often assumed that every single woman who goes to a wedding will really want to catch the bouquet in the hopes that she, too, will soon find her Mr. Right.

In this video, the we see a girl who does nothing to help dismantle this outdated cliche. The girl throws herself at the bouquet like a predator trying to catch its prey, until her boyfriend ruins the celebration in the most offensive way.

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Was it necessary to humiliate her like that? Was it just a joke or a practical joke? Will they still stay together?

Watch the video to see exactly what happened! 

Source: Newsflare

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