Two inseparable cats are looking for a home together

Two cat best friends, ten years apart in age, are looking for a home together.

After their owner could no longer care for them, these two cats, who have a 10-year age gap, were taken into the custody of the RSPCA and are now looking for a new home together.


Fluffy is a 15-year-old tortoiseshell and tabby cat, whereas Floss is a 5-year-old tortoiseshell and white cat. The RSPCA Canterbury team has launched an appeal to find the cat besties the perfect home. RSPCA said:

We know it may be challenging to find a home for this duo with one being a young cat and one being a golden oldie but we couldn’t possibly split them up – they are inseparable!
The pair are totally bonded and so we are looking for a really special home to give them both the second chance at happiness they thoroughly deserve.
Fluffy RSPCA

Both Fluffy and Floss are shy around others, which has made cattery life difficult for them, but they've found solace in each other. RSPCA added:

Sadly, they are both struggling with cattery life and are a little wary of interacting with people so we have provided them with lots of hiding spaces to make them feel as comfortable as possible.
We are really keen for them to go to a home environment as quickly as possible where they can feel more relaxed and begin to come out of their shell.

New home

Fluffy and Floss were previously indoor cats and it will be a good change of space for them if they get an opportunity to explore outside—albeit this will have to be done gradually. If you believe you can provide a loving home for Fluffy and Floss, please contact

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