This4-year-old is best friends with a crocodile (VIDEO)

This video went viral fast over the last days: a toddler who makes over a crocodile and brushes its teeth. Where are her parents?

This Indonesian girl may only 4 years old but nevertheless, she doesn't seem to be afraid of animals. Don't believe us? Her pet reptile ought to convince you. It's almost as big as her. The toddler loves to sit quietly in the bathroom, playing with the crocodile as if it were her doll.

Playing dress-up

The most surprising thing is that the animal seems to be used to being around the girl. It stays still while she puts powder all over its body and brushes its fangs meticulously. Who needs a Barbie doll when you've got a crocodile, right? To each their own...

A family with unusual pets

The crocodile isn't the only animal the girl appears to live with. In the video, there is a huge python next to her. In the background, two white birds are also watching the scene. The least we can say is that this family has unusual pets.

This footage is surprising to most people because, usually, these animals are considered dangerous. This is proof that went met with normal and respectful behaviour, animals have no reason to become violent.

Check out the video!

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