Vitiligo, Shaved Heads, Prosthetic Limbs... A New All-Inclusive Range Of Barbie Dolls Has Arrived

All through 2020, Mattel, the brand which sells Barbie dolls, will be selling new models of their dolls in order to incorporate a multi-dimensional view of beauty and fashion. Check out this all-new, all-inclusive collection.

Barbie is expanding and becoming more diverse!

In 2020, the legendary doll sold by Mattel will be changing and evolving with the times. Although ever since 2015, Barbie has been setting aside their thin, platinum blonde dolls and has since developed 170 new models, the company has revealed that they will soon be expanding their range even more and releasing some completely new faces.

All-inclusive dolls

Mattel will soon be offering a wider variety of skin colours and hair shades and textures for their dolls. There will even be a Barbie doll that has vitiligo and one that has no hair at all. In terms of their bodies, these new dolls will include a wider range of body types, including smaller, bigger, rounder models, with a smaller chest and more 'normal' waistline.

They were created to give children a more realistic view of the world and people around them and the brand has said that they will also be releasing dolls that have disabilities, with models available in wheelchairs and even some with prosthetic limbs.

Ken will also be evolving. The days of this ideal, brown-haired man with tanned skin and an ultra bright smile are over. Mattel has created a male doll with longer hair, and even their very first ginger Ken.

These new dolls will be sold all this year for between $10 to $30.

‘We are proud that Barbie is the most diverse doll line on the market that continues to evolve to better reflect the world girls see around them. Our commitment to better reflect the world drives a powerful conversation, and we know our efforts are resonating with eight consecutive quarters of growth and the Fashionistas category of double digits in 2019,’ explained Lisa McKnight, SVP and GM of Barbie & Dolls at Mattel.

An amazing step forward for the world of toys!

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