Kylian Mbappé: Here's everything we know about his rumoured new girlfriend, Inès Rau (PHOTO)

For several months, a rumour has been going around that footballer Kylian Mbappé is in a relationship with Inès Rau. Find out who this young woman is...

Kylian Mbappé: Here's everything we know about his rumoured new girlfriend (PHOTO)
© Aurelien Meunier - PSG / Getty Images
Kylian Mbappé: Here's everything we know about his rumoured new girlfriend (PHOTO)

Who said Kylian Mbappé was done making news? At 23, the world-famous French footballer never stops stirring up social media networks in regards to many subjects. Recently, it was the story of the marabout and Mathias Pogba, this time it is his love life that has people talking...

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Kylian Mbappé back in a relationship?

A few months ago, the romance between Mbappé and Emma Smet made the headlines. A story that seems to have been forgotten if we are to believe the rumours of a new couple circulating on the web. The cause? The famous striker was photographed in the company of a model far from being unknown to the general public. That is none other than Inès Rau, a 32-year-old French woman. What makes her special? She was the first transgender woman to make the cover of Playboy magazine, in 2017.

Rau's charisma and outspokenness are appreciated by her fans. Despite being transgender, she revealed to Antidote magazine in 2017 that she 'doesn't feel like an activist', although she says she 'does what she can' to educate the media on LGBTQIA+ issues. These are qualities that seem to have won Mbappé over.

Inès Rau's difficult journey

Like many transgender people, Rau has had a difficult journey. In 2018, she wrote a book entitled Femme, in which she recounts a life of hardship. For example, the period before transition was not easy, but Ines always bounced back, supported by a mother who 'shed a tear' when her daughter told her that she wanted to change her gender.

The wish of this young woman from Nancy, today, is above all to be considered for her many artistic talents. A model for several agencies, she is also an actress. In 2018, she appeared in the series Vernon Subutex, and she also acted in several films from 2017 to 2021. A powerful icon who is, above all, a 'woman, full stop'.

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